Gym Etiquette

The BYBA uses gymnasiums in our Catholic and Public schools for practice facilities during the fall and winter seasons.  The only way we can keep the gyms we have been given for this season is to treat each of these facilities with the utmost respect.  Please be aware of the rules that are in place. 

  1. Coaches should meet the custodian and do a walkthrough of the gym.
  2. WATER is the ONLY beverage allowed in the Gyms!  NO Sports Drinks or COFFEE, ETC.
  4. NEVER prop the doors open. Assign someone to the door for participants that are arriving late.
  5. REMOVE footwear at the FRONT entrance.
  6. Only indoor basketballs are to be used in gyms.
  7. Parents must remain with siblings at all times; do not allow them on stages or in the halls. Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of your booking.
  8. Report any damage to the custodian and to the Executive Director immediately.
  9. Respect the time slot you have been given, and be sure to be finished on time.  That means you should be out of the gym at 7:00, not 7:05 etc.
  10. If you adjust the height of the net to suit your age group, you must adjust the basket height back to where it was when you came in

It is mandatory for all teams to assign a parent (or another responsible attendant) to monitor practices held in school gyms. 


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