Coaches Orientation Meeting

@ Beaumont High School

Sep. 11, 2019 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

Coaching Information
Coaches Orientation Meeting    
We will be having an orientation meeting, Wednesday, September 11th at the Beaumont High School atrium from 6:30-7:30. The meeting will give you a chance to ask some questions and give us the opportunity to meet you and provide you a bit of information to get you going this year. 
The 2019 EYBA rule book (U9's do not have to worry about this)
All coaches please make yourself familiar with the EYBA rule book. There are different exceptions and some different rules for each of the Divisions and you will need to know what those exceptions are. The Rule book can be found at this link:
Practice Nights
Our gym coordinator is sending out emails to each of the coaches to get your preferred practices nights. Please provide this back to him as soon as possible and make sure that you provide at least three options for days and times. Gyms are going to be tight this year with the extra teams and a couple of gyms offline this year. 
Ramp App and website communication
The BYBA and the EYBA use RAMP as the primary method to communicate with teams and parents about practices and games. As a coach, you will have access to communicate with your team both through the website and the Ramp app on your smartphone. Our web coordinator will be sending you your login and password to your teams in the next few days with instructions on how to access it. Please download the RAMP app on your smartphone in preparation for that.
Criminal Record Checks (CRC's)
RAMP has indicated that their online CRC application will be ready this week. When it is we will email you some instructions to go in and do that CRC. If you have had a CRC done last year with the BYBA you do not have to get another one this year.
Concussion Protocol
We do have a new policy implemented this year. That policy requires all our coaching staff to go through a free online training program for concussions. The online course is called: Concussion in Sport - What you need to know
You will need to create an account for the locker before you can take the course.  
At the end of the course, you should receive a certificate or at least an acknowledgment of completion. If you can let me know that you have completed the course that would be appreciated. 
Coaches Resources
Once you have registered with there are different resources that you can take advantage of on that site. For other resources, just google it there is a tonne of great practice drill on the internet.
Equipment and uniforms
Once we have your practices figured out and posted, Kristen Wicks our equipment manager will come to your first practice to provide you with what you need for the season. 
That's all that I can think of for now. Thanks again for volunteering and if you have any questions you have my email See you at the orientation on Wednesday.



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