BYBA Policies

 1.  NSF CHEQUES - $25 surcharge.   <July 8, 2010>


  1. The order in which Beaumont community youths register is the order in which they are assigned to teams (first come, first serve).
  2. Beaumont Community Youths* are accepted before non-Beaumont community youths.
  3. Non-Beaumont Community Youth with Grand-father status* are treated as Beaumont Community Youth.
  4. Registrations for non-Beaumont community youth are held in waiting until after the final registration is closed, at which time will be placed on a team, if space is available based on the Team Size Criteria. <June 6, 2012>


  1. Each team will consist of the following:

Mini: a minimum of 8 registered players and a maximum of 10 registered players.
Bantam, Midget and Juvenile: a minimum of 9 registered players and a maximum of 12 registered players.

  1. Exceptions for team sizes greater than 10 or 12 players, (based on age-category), will be considered on a case by case basis following a formal written (letter or email) request from the coach, to the BYBA Executive.
  2. If numbers are such for 2 teams - both coaches plus 2 executive members will divide the players based on skill-level. This will be completed once player evaluations have been conducted.  <June 6, 2017>


  1. Players are placed on a team in their own age-category, assuming room is available on a team.
  2. If a player wishes to move up an age-category, this needs to be clearly identified on the registration form under Special Requests.  Player movement between age-categories must be approved by the executive and the executive will take the following conditions into consideration:
    1. If team size in the higher age-category has not been reached and no other registrants that meet the Team Size criteria are waiting to be placed on a team.
    2. The player age appropriate category does not drop below the minimum number of players to form a team.
    3. The player`s ability.
  3.  If a team is minus a coach and a younger player’s parent is willing to move up with their child, provided it is approved by the executive, that player will be permitted to move up an age-category and the parent will coach the team. <February 28, 2017>

5.  DIVISION ‘A’ and ‘B’ TEAM FORMATION POLICY <June 6, 2017>

  1. If a coach wishes to create an ‘A’ or ‘B’ team for the Bantam or Midget age-category, they must present a written request (email or letter) to the BYBA Executive prior to the proposed commencement of evaluations/tryouts.
  2. After approval from the BYBA Executive, the BYBA, in conjunction with the coach, will organize evaluations/tryouts with any registered BYBA players that satisfies the age requirements for the respective age-category the team will be registered in.  
  3. If, at any time and for any reason, the team is unable to play in the ‘A’ or ‘B’ division, (prior to the season), the players from the ‘A’ or ‘B’ team will be assigned to any remaining community teams in the specified age-category by the 2 members of the BYBA Board. <June 6, 2017>


  1. If there is an issue with a coach, the executive will work together with the coach regarding that issue, to be resolved as tactfully as possible.

The Beaumont Youth Basketball Association, will only accept online credit card payments for registration fees. <May 15, 2017>
All Coaches involved with youth in the Beaumont Youth Basketball Association are required to complete a Criminal Record Check.  The BYBA President will be responsible for receiving the completed checks, confirming that no criminal record exists, and keeping accurate records for future reference. 
In the event that there is a concern, the President will bring the matter forth to the BYBA Board for a determination on course of action. A Criminal Record Check will be considered valid for a three year period, at which time they must be completed anew. The cost, if any, for the Criminal Record Check will be covered by the BYBA <February 28, 2017>

Uniforms to be worn only at games. <July 8, 2010>

A discount of 10% off of registration fees on 3rd child and subsequent children within same family. <July 23, 2014>
A service charge ($25) will be incurred on all refunds. A full refund, less the service charge, will be issued upon written receipt of a request to the President or the Treasurer.
No refunds will be issued on or after the first game of the season. <February 28, 2017>


Beaumont Community Youth - Any individual under the age of 18 years who either:  1) lives within the town of Beaumont; 2) attends a Beaumont school; or 3) resides within a community that does not offer a local youth basketball program.  <June 5, 2013>

Grand-father Status - This status is applied to any registrant that is a non-Beaumont Community Youth and was registered with the BYBA for the previous regular season.  Once a BYBA registrant with the Grand-father status does not register with the BYBA for a winter season for reasons other than playing on and A division team, the player loses their grand-father status.  Grand-father status will apply to siblings of an existing player. <June 6, 2012>
Mite: 6 to 8 years-old,
Mini: 9 to 10 years-old,
Bantam: 11 to 12 years-old,
Midget: 13 to 14 years-old,
Juvenile 15 to 17 years-old.
Division: a level of play; a team in division B being stronger than a team in division C .
Regular Season: Fall/Winter League (September until March) by contrast with Spring League (April-May).


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