Time Keeping Instructions

Time Keeper Job Description: 

  • The time keeper will be responsible for operating the time clock and showing the game score on a flip chart or electronic score clock.
  • The time keeper is recognized as a minor official for the game.  Proper decorum will be used at all times and includes no outward signs of bias, no coaching and no disrespectful conduct to the on-court officials, players, coaches and spectators.  

1. The game starts with a jump ball at centre court.  Start the clock when the referee lowers his extended arm indicating the ball is live. 

2. All games will be played using a combination of running time and stop time. The game consists of four (4) periods.  Each period is made up of ten (10) minutes running time and two (2.5) minutes stop time for Minis and Bantams.  Each period is made up of twelve and a half (12.5) minutes running time and two (2.5) minutes stop time for Midgets and Juveniles.  There is a one (1) minute break between the first (1st) and second (2nd) periods and between the third (3rd) and fourth (4th) periods.  There will be a three (5) minute half time break.  During the two (2.5) minute stop time of each period, the clock must be stopped every time the referee blows his whistle and raises his arm to indicate a dead-ball.  The clock is restarted when the referee’s extended arm is lowered.  The clock is stopped during time-outs and injuries.  Please make sure you pay attention to the game and start and stop the clock as required. 

3. When a basket is scored, please record the score on the flip chart or the electronic score clock.  Please check with the score keeper often to confirm that the score you have indicated on the flip chart or electronic score clock corresponds with the official running score on the score sheet. 

4. Under FIBA rules, the referee will only grant a time-out to a team if the coach has requested one through either the time keeper or score keeper.  When a coach asks you for a time out, let the referee know by making the time-out signal with your hands and pointing to the team requesting the time-out.  Please do not yell at the referee and cause a disruption in the game.  The referee can only grant a time out when there is a dead-ball situation. 

5. At the end of the game, the score keeper and the time keeper must sign the score sheet in the space provided. 


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